So the RSS feed looks the same to Thunderbird, but the rendered HTML is quite different.

Maybe that is what Dave is talking about. So for a genuine blog, making it an idea stream is less useful … but for a genuine idea stream, it looks great.

03/17/14; 08:57:08 AM

I refreshed the feed to this blog, in my feed reader Thunderbird. It did not work as I expected:

  • March 17 did not appear as a post

  • Each of the previous notes (Second March 17 Note, and Ideas setting in Fargo) appeared as posts.

I think I did something wrong. Not sure what.

03/17/14; 08:52:23 AM

I add this note/idea just to see how it works.

Still unclear: since this sends out a post to RSS only on the day/date, does that mean the feed will only update daily? If so, then it can only know that March 17 ideas are finished when the calendar rolls to March 18.

And then, if I go back to add to these idea notes, does the feed not recognize it? (I think that would be consistent with the previous way Fargo handled feeds, though I’m not sure.)

03/17/14; 08:48:23 AM

Dave just added the notion of an idea stream. Basically as I understand it, this will work just as before, except that the RSS feed will no longer send out a separate post for each idea (I notice Dave has added a lightbulb icon which now characterizes each post node rather than the rectangles seen in the posts below). Instead the day/date will be what is sent out, and the posts – the ideas – will be listed as part of that post. So, this post will go out under a “March 17” post in the RSS feed.

This makes sense for a prolific blogger like Dave. It also makes sense for a worknotes outline – I have one of those but leave it private rather than a named outline.

03/17/14; 08:44:08 AM

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