Testing non-Markdown Autolinking

I just determined that a url in a post that is tagged `method - markdown' will render a full url as a link. But I wonder now if that is due to the method - markdown, or if that would be true if I left that tag out. So here once more is that url: http://brettterpstra.com/2013/09/26/marked-2-launched/

No, that appears as plain text only. And if I add that method tag?

Yes, that worked. But, of course, each of these lines renders as only a sentence, a piece of a larger para, because Markdown needs a blank line or some HTML code, to render text as a paragraph separate from the ones around it.

  • This para, by the way, is indented -- is it still rendered as part of the same para (that is, will this entire post be shown as a single paragraph)?

Yes it did. But if I do a few nodes starting with dashes to make a list, I expect the list will render true:

  • an item first in the list

  • second list item

  • third list item

No that did not work. But I begin this node and the next with the p tags, without closing them.

This is the second node beginning with the p tag, unclosed.

And that worked (this is tagged blockquote, but I close it).

Interesting: in the September archive viewed, this post renders as p's (at least the 2 that open with the p tag and the blockquote) but without whitespace vertically inserted: looking more like linebreaks. If I click on the link to the post itself by itself, though: the vertical whitespace renders. Huh. (But I see that this p-opened node has vertical whitespace above it in the view that shows all the September posts -- maybe because it follows the properly-closed blockquote.

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