I just determined that a url in a post that is tagged `method - markdown' will render a full url as a link. But I wonder now if that is due to the method - markdown, or if that would be true if I left that tag out. So here once more is that url: http://brettterpstra.com/2013/09/26/marked-2-launched/

No, that appears as plain text only. And if I add that method tag?

Yes, that worked. But, of course, each of these lines renders as only a sentence, a piece of a larger para, because Markdown needs a blank line or some HTML code, to render text as a paragraph separate from the ones around it.

  • This para, by the way, is indented -- is it still rendered as part of the same para (that is, will this entire post be shown as a single paragraph)?

Yes it did. But if I do a few nodes starting with dashes to make a list, I expect the list will render true:

  • an item first in the list

  • second list item

  • third list item

No that did not work. But I begin this node and the next with the p tags, without closing them.

This is the second node beginning with the p tag, unclosed.

And that worked (this is tagged blockquote, but I close it).

Interesting: in the September archive viewed, this post renders as p's (at least the 2 that open with the p tag and the blockquote) but without whitespace vertically inserted: looking more like linebreaks. If I click on the link to the post itself by itself, though: the vertical whitespace renders. Huh. (But I see that this p-opened node has vertical whitespace above it in the view that shows all the September posts -- maybe because it follows the properly-closed blockquote.

09/27/13; 08:24:10 AM

Doc Searles did a quickie version of his links blog one day, and he included the urls of sites, but these were not links. Instead they were plain text that needed to be copied and then pasted into the location bar of your browser.

I wonder if using Markdown as type would make this easier. I think Markdown will recognize a url so long as it is enclosed by less-than and greater-than brackets. The url appears both as plain text and this text is a link to that same text. So let me try that now: here is Brett Terpstra detailing his release of his mac program, Marked2: http://brettterpstra.com/2013/09/26/marked-2-launched/

Well that was interesting: I forgot to enclose the url in the brackets -- but it still showed up as a link!

09/27/13; 08:16:23 AM

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