Internet and the (Wild Wild) West

The promise of the internet, 2 decades ago, was freedom for the individual voice. This has since been buried under an avalanche of commercial interests, and undermined by governments worldwide (but especially, it seems, the government of the United States where the central servers of the internet are physically located). Individual voices still thrive on the internet, but they are needles in the (commercial) haystacks. We are all grateful these voices survive. We should do all we can to support them, especially as the US empire grows increasingly interested in interfering with us all and desperate to carry on despite its ongoing decline.

At one point, two decades ago, freedom on the internet was summed up with: Get Your Own Webpage and Code it Yourself.

Today, freedom on the internet can be summed up with: Get Your Own Server and Administer it Yourself.

And tomorrow, freedom on the internet will require: Encrypt Your Own Server and Keep Your Passwords to Yourself.

It looks, in the light of the revelations of United States government espionage and its crackdown on all forms of dissent (under even a socialist''leftist'' administration), that it seems most likely that only the Darknet will remain free from commercial interests and the control of governments. Perhaps this will even mean universal underground networks of Sneakernets, where thumbdrives are anonymously passed around, left in public places, and turn up on the campuses of universities. Perhaps then the governments will restrict ownership of thumbdrives.

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