Think of the last time a London department store got bombed.

Last week? Last month? Last year?

These bombings were pretty common in the 1980s. The rebels in Northern Ireland were responsible. They were attacking the British Empire at its heart, with the hope that the bombings could turn the British public against the lingering Imperial occupation of Ireland.

In the 1990s, after the intransigent Thatcher government was voted out, the British Empire entered into more relaxed negotiations with the rebels (aided by President Clinton's government here, which acted in some ways as intermediary). Though the Empire still occupies Northern Ireland, power-sharing has reached that part of Ireland, and the bombings have stopped.

Now consider the price the American people have been paying for supporting the American Empire -- massive, debt-funded warfare and global imperial war bases, mass domestic spying and surveillance, being groped and x-rayed at places of mass transport, the militarization of their police forces ... not to mention the occasional bombing and attempted bombing perpetrated by global rebels against our empire.

These are the price we must pay, we are told ... but, pay for what?

  • For security. For peace. For world domination?

Most Americans would recoil at this last. We little like to think of ourselves as aggressors, as conquerors, as occupiers, as the Evil Empire George Lucas and President Reagan warned us against. But if you look at the facts, objectively, what do you see?

The price for liberty is high, our leaders tell us. In fact, they tell us, the price for liberty is nothing less than liberty itself!

Wow. Nothing less than the total collapse of education in America (and a truly massive government campaign of propaganda) could get most of the people'' believing thatmost of the time.''

The answer to terrorism is simple. And as a bonus, it costs are negative -- it will in fact save the Americans money.

End the empire. Give over plans at world domination. Close the global war bases. End the wars that are more than even the Secretary of Defense Panetta can count.

Leave them alone and, just as the British Empire found out 20 years ago, they will then leave us alone.

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By SWP Pond, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 11:48 AM. It's even worse than it appears.