The New Dime Novels

A century ago, the Federal Reserve was instituted in the USA. Since then the nation has experienced a general inflationary trend, broken by periods of recession and depression, but on the whole, the greenback has bought less and less goods. So much so that, according to the official Federal Reserve accounting, $0.03 in 1913 would equal $1.00 today.

  • (And this is according to the official reckonings, which have been tweaked several times over the past 40 years -- always with the effect of diminishing how inflation has been counted. The reality is that inflation has been greater than the official tally, and more likely $0.02, or less, in 1913 dollars would equal a single 2013 dollar.)

Back in 1913, there were Dime Novels'' and evenNickel Novels'' costing $0.10 and $0.05 respectively.

So it is no wonder that hardback book prices of the big new releases now cost $30.00, or $0.90 in 1913 money.

But looking at ebooks, we see that in Amazon's Kindle store, the bottom price for a publisher wishing to accrue 70% of the sale price is $2.99, and the lowest price Amazon allows is $0.99. (Between $0.99 and $2.98, the publisher accrues 35% of the sale price.) Putting these into 1913 dollars gives us $0.10 and $0.03 (again by the official, tweaked, Federal Reserve reckoning of inflation over the past century).

Today's ebook is the modern Dime and Nickel Novel.

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